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Back To All Posts | Posted on November 18, 2020
Author: Alison Cooper

Manually checking the status of a container is a long and tedious process. You have to look up the carrier’s website, key in the container’s number to find its location, and enter the status into your spreadsheets. This process is then repeated many times a day for every container. 

What if we told you that there’s a way to automate this process, saving you time and the hassle of manual tracking? Our Container Tracking is here to help!

How We Simplified Container Tracking

ITS built the NxGen a container tracking software to automate the container tracking process, freeing up the time it takes to find the information you need. When you plug in a given container or booking number into our system, we instantly start checking the tracking details for you.

We use a web scraper to extract the data stored on the carrier’s website. All you have to do is key in the container number you want to track, and the information will be readily available to you. Moreover, the moment you save the container information, the tracking begins. And we will keep tracking until the transaction is complete. The status updates every twelve hours, so you can be confident knowing where your goods are at all times.

Making Sense of the Data

Because there are thousands of carriers, each with their own business done their own way, it’s not easy to translate what a container’s status might mean. Carriers often present their container tracking data in many different ways.

One might say a container has been “delivered.” Another might say “delivered at the door.” And another carrier might indicate that your container has been “delivered at the dock.” We take all  these different status updates and translate the information into a single, easy-to-understand format.

Informed Scheduling

With our seamless and valuable Container Tracking tool, you will have the information to make intelligent decisions. Say you need to schedule the transport of goods from the port to your customer. By utilizing Container Tracking, you will be able to identify when you need to schedule a trucker based on where the container is in its lifecycle. In other words, the NxGen software by ITS helps you get ahead so you never forget goods on a dock again.

Automate your container tracking by contacting ITS for a free demo today!

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