Container Tracking

Manually checking the status of a container is a long and tedious process. You have to look up the carrier’s website, key in the container’s number to find its location, and enter the status into your spreadsheets. This process is then repeated many times a day for every container.

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Standardized Reporting

ITS NxGen provides a standard way of reporting status – so you won’t have to sort through the various status types provided by different carriers.

Customer Satisfaction

With regular updates about the status of your shipment, you can keep your customers informed at every step of the way too.

Informed Decisions

Knowing where your cargo is allows you to plan pick-ups and other processes with more data, meaning less delays and happier customers.

Stay Informed

Plan Ahead and Save Time

ITS built NxGen, a container tracking software to automate the container tracking process, freeing up the time it takes to find the information you need. When you plug in a given container or booking number into our system, we instantly start checking the tracking details for you.

With updates every 12 hours, you will know the status of your shipment until it’s delivered.

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