NxGen is an ACE/ABI best-in-class native cloud platform designed to simplify and automate logistics execution.  An integrated online customs brokerage and freight forwarding software that reduces cost, manages compliance, and tracks shipments in real-time. 

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Is NxGen Right for Me?

We've compiled a 10 point checklist to help you determine if NxGen is the right solution for you. Learn more and download our NxGen checklist today!

Adaptable Customer-Facing Portal

The Adaptable Customer-Facing Portal tool features customer-facing modules including unique workflows, reports, self-filing ISF’s, and privileged access to their entity and product tables for maintenance.

Automated Entry Creation

The automated entry creation helps manage a large volume of entries that brokers receive without inaccuracies during the transition.

Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) Tracker

When a transporter plugs in their transactional details, the modernized PAPS tracker replies with either JSON or XML message that shows the real-time status of the goods, helping to minimize delays and penalties.

Application Workflow Manager

The Application Workflow Manager allows customers to create customizable views that suit your business; allowing complete transparency and one centralized source to keep track of work.


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GHY Trade Facilitators Partner with ITS

GHY International (GHY) needed a flexible customs brokerage software provider. Since partnering with ITS, GHY knows that its business needs are being heard and addressed. But even more importantly, GHY is confident in growing and developing both brands simultaneously:

  • Relationships, Not Transactions

  • Innovative Solutions with Real-Time Results

  • Modern Problems Call for Modern Solutions
"But what matters.....is the absolute stunning can do actions of the ITS team. The ITS brand is so much more than words, it is actions"
Alan Dewar
GHY. EVP, Client Services/Regulatory Affairs

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