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ITS Brokerage

Speed, reliability and ease of use are key benefits to the ITS Brokerage Module.

The ITS Customs Brokerage Module is 100% ABI/ACE compatible and conforms to all U.S. Customs regulations.

Validation of data occurs on the “fly” and you can perform a lookup of data on every field that has a table, saving valuable time to get your shipments cleared.

Results come back in seconds and all information is displayed in easy to understand reports to help managers and operators make decisions about shipments very quickly.

ITS Export

Enables the preparation of master airway (ocean master) bills and house airway (ocean) bills, as well as easy generation of all your required forms making you more efficient.

But the real value is having the module calculate your profit splits on each consolidation, printing the Foreign Agent invoices, having your own tariff schedule, full tracking of shipments and updating your accounting automatically.

ITS Accounting

The trade industry puts unique demands on their bookkeeping and financial requirements.

The fully integrated Real-Time ITS Accounting Module designed specifically for your Industry.

ITS Accounting lets users enter data once and your invoices, checks, journals, Audit Trail and General Ledger are completed.

ITS Accounting Module features Financial Statements, Statement of Cash Flow and Statement of Working Capital.


The ITS Air AMS Module is fully featured and conforms 100% to the Air AMS U.S. Customs requirements.

In addition to meeting all of U.S. Customs regulations, the Air AMS Module provides ‘on the fly’ editing to ensure all required data and codes are captured and correct, automatic high speed Internet communication to U.S. Customs, full tracking of shipments including Internet tracking for customers, laser print outs of 1301/1302 and 7512 forms.

As with all ITS Modules, Air AMS is fully EDI capable and can be easily integrated with your overseas system.


ITS paved the way for carriers, secondary notify parties, and port authorities/service centers to file and receive both manifest and cargo data.

The ITS Ocean AMS Module is fully featured and conforms 100% with U.S. Custom requirements.

Data entry has on the fly editing to ensure all required data is captured.

ITS Ocean AMS Module also has full tracking and laser printing of 1301/1302 and 7512 forms. Import the data to the ITS Import/ABI module to avoid re-keying, and initiate U.S. Customs Entry Summary.

Deconsolidation and Freight Forwarding

The ITS Import/NVOCC Module is a natural for integration into the ITS Brokerage system.

The ITS Import/NVOCC Module produces the following forms/reports:

  • Authority to Make Entry
  • Arrival Notices
  • Delivery/turnover letters
  • Pre-Alerts
  • Release Notification
  • Devanning
  • Agent Debit Notes
  • Invoicing

With ITS, the data is entered once than passed to the ABI and In-Bond Modules to avoid any data duplication and lowers the chance of errors.

ITS NextGen 2.0 Overview