The Digitization & Automation Platform That Fuels Growth

This innovative, AI-powered cloud platform that harmonizes the intelligence of digitized data, workflow and process automation. The platform reads and validates data and documents like a human, converts the information into a digital format with 99.5% accuracy, and reduces manual labor costs by 85%.

This tool automates the tedious, repetitive tasks that slow down shipments, waste time, cost money, and allow errors to slip through causing compliance issues. Implementing ZAFT will allow you to scale faster and increase profit margins without adding overhead.

Explore The Benefits

Reduce Manual Entry Time & Cost

Once implemented, this automation process eliminates 85% of the time and cost associated with manual entry.

Increase Accuracy & Compliance

This tool reads import and export documents like a human and digitizes all information at a 99.5% accuracy rate.

Scale Your Logistics Business

This tool will allow you to scale your business and process more documents, without adding additional overhead.

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